Retreat: Sadhanayoga 200 hr Teacher Training

Yoga Style: Sadhana Yoga teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Flow

Teacher: Anita Sundaram

Dates: 3 - 26 September

Retreat Summary

Style: Sadhana Yoga teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Flow

Programme: 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Suitability: All levels

Excursions and extras: By arrangement

Food: Vegetarian; no tea or coffee

Itinerary: Arrive Sept 3; depart September 26

Cost: Tuition US$2800. Accommodation and food packages from US$1290 to $1790 for shared accommodation. Private upgrades available.


Tuition: $2,800.

Accommodation and food packages from US$1290 to $1790 for shared accommodation.

Private upgrades available.

All  bookings are  via Sadhana Yoga School.

Check the site for earlbird discounts.


Retreat Details

This retreat is confirmed to go ahead.  Join Sadhana Yoga School for 24 days in Paradise. Participate in this 200hour training that will focus on living yoga on and off your mat. Spend time learn from our experienced facilitators and benefit from their years of experience and knowledge in the world of yoga and then use this knowledge to transform your experience in daily life.

This 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training program will give you much more than a certificate. It will be a personally focused journey that you share with others. We are all on our own path, but that path leads us to the same place. In this way we can support each other through the process.

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The Sadhana Yoga School follows the standards of teacher training as set out by the Yoga Alliance; the only registering body for yoga teachers, studios and schools. Our comprehensive immersion and weekend courses meet, and often exceeds the minimum standards required for yoga teacher preparation and our cirriculum if shared by experienced teachers. Participants in the 200-hour and 500-hour level teacher training programs take courses in the following areas:

Asana: Sadhana Hatha Flow and Sadhana Vinyasa Flow

We practice yoga asana twice daily: Sadhana Hatha Flow in the mornings and Sadhana Vinyasa Flow in the afternoons. Consistent practice helps us internalize the sequences and the essence of the Flows. We supplement our daily practice of Sadhana Hatha Flow and Sadhana Vinyasa Flow with workshops on the postures and the art of teaching each sequence.

DeidreLee Allen Pure Balance Yogaflow with a touch of pilates


We begin our day at sunrise with Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation to still and purify the mind. Pranayama consists of rounds of Kapalabati, ‘shining skull breath’ and Anuloma Viloma, alternate nostril breathing. We introduce students to additional yogic breathing exercises throughout the course to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit.


Every morning after our Pranayama practice, we sit in Meditation to cultivate a one-pointed focus of the mind. In this one-pointed focus, we create stillness so that the bliss of our true inner selves can eventually shine through. Our primary meditation practice is Mantra Meditation. We also introduce practitioners to several other methods of Meditation.

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Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga Teachers

We deepen our own practice and inform our teaching when we understand the foundations of how the human body moves and works. This course goes over the mechanics of basic muscle groups, the cardinal planes of motion, and the functions of vital systems in the body. The energetic anatomy of our bodies also greatly informs our personal practice as well as our teaching. We cover extensively through the course various concepts related to energetic anatomy.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

This course looks in depth at the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras written nearly 2000 years ago. In the 200-hour level training, we focus on particular key teachings in Book one and two as well as an in-depth look at the eight limbs of yoga and the attainments (siddhis) that result from consistent practice. At the 500-hour level, we cover the entire text.

Yoga Living- Spiritual Health and Healing

Yogic living is more than practicing asana. In this course, we will learn about the non-asana aspects of the eight limb path of yoga, including the fundamentals of a yogic diet and the abiding principles of a yogic lifestyle. Accessible spiritual lessons drawing from many traditions help us to understand these principles and integrate them into our daily lives.

Yoga in the Marketplace

Understanding how to succeed in the business sector of yoga is an important part of becoming a teacher. We discuss ways to make yoga teaching a part of or all of your income source. We look at components of designing classes, workshops and retreats, as well as, a business plan, ways to market your classes, and the steps of opening a studio.




Instructor Details

Anita’s life mission is living and cultivating a life of balance while inspiring others to do the same. The fabric that makes up her lifestyle teaching is infused by the magic of her birthplace, Mysore India. Anita continues to draw inspiration from the spiritual healing lineage of her family most importantly her mother and spiritual teacher Swamini Srividyananda who resides at Arsha Vidya Gurukulum in Pennsylvania.

Anita’s professional career in the luxury spa industry began as a founding member of Aveda. She went on to work as a global educator for other European luxury lines before feeling called to stick closer to home with her husband and best dog Hula creating their lifestyle company Satyam Healing Arts. Their mission is supporting the needs of individuals seeking a holistic and complementary approach to health, wellness and lifestyle through yoga and ayurveda.  In addition to private sessions they offer unique educational and eco-lifestyle retreats, immersions and teacher trainings at some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Anita has always connected with sacred mystic rituals and believes the elements to lasting beauty are more than skin deep. She created Rasa Bhava Beauty to share and teach others that everything in life is divine. She wanted to provide clients a haven for Soul Nourishment, allowing them to immerse oneself in the nourishing elixir of life and taste the magic of transformation. As a licensed aesthetician she believes in the magic of botanicals and essential oils to heal the senses. Anita offers Ayurvedic rejuvenation consultations, essential oil blending and face and body therapies.

Anita’s style of teaching Yoga is of the heart (Ananda) dedicated to the great Vedic Science of Yoga and Ayurveda. She is committed to teaching an integral form of yoga that combines the classical yoga system of Patanjali, integrated with the healing Science of Ayurveda. She strongly believes in the practice of Pranayama, Meditation and Mantra, the music of our voices, harmonium or drums that vibrate in our cellular body, awakening Shakti, activating our subtle energy body, energizing our spirit and allowing the inner river to flow.

Her yoga foundation began in the Iyengar tradition and the teachings of Ramanand Patel and is layered with study with masters: Eric Schiffman, Dr.Vasant Lad, Judith Lasater, Mas Vidal, Saul David Raye, Arun Deva, Nischala Devi and Tukaram Das. She is certified at the 500hr level, Restorative Yoga and facilitates Yoga teacher trainings in Guatemala, Fiji, Bali and India.  

In her words: “I get real joy from helping people experience their true divine self, inner light, and witness aw-haaa moments. I believe when you fulfill your purpose with meaning it gives you that electrifying juice (Rasa) and the essential inner-connection to the Divine (Bhava). The essence of Self- RasaBhava”

Daily Programme

Typical Day During the Fiji Yoga Teacher Training

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6:00-10:00 Guided Pranayama/Meditation/Asana
9:00-10:00 Lessons of the day
10:00-2:00 Brunch, Break, Snack
2-3 Ancient Wisdom and Yoga Anatomy Workshops
3:00-6:00 Art of Teaching and Alignment Workshops
6:00-7:00 Dinner
7:00-8:00 Satsang (Kirtan, daily reflection, spiritual lessons)

There will be some free days when you can go and enjoy snorkelling on the fabulous coal reefs, take a trip to a nearby waterfall, wander into town, have a massage or just relax by the pool. Check out a full list of things to do here. (This link takes you to our sister website Paradise Courses.)

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