Taking Yoga into your daily life

24 - 31 May 2014 with Donna Gianniotis

Practising daily over the six days, will give your body a ‘marker’ as to how to live from a different quality of energy that supports your entire being and the choices that you make.


PureBalance Yoga

June 14 - 21 with Deidre-Lee Allen

PureBalance is a unique blend of yoga flow with a touch of pilates delivering strength, tone, flexibility and absolute relaxation. 3 spaces left.


Kundalini with traditional Hatha Yoga

July 12 - 19 with Pam Badman

An emphasis on pranayama is a distinguishing feature of her classes — a method of yogic breath exercises designed to relax and enhance the nervous system, strengthening one’s immunity and leading to better mental and physical health.  Pam’s classes are tailored to the individual student. She moves each person through a series of gradients that allow for the beginner to commence practice or for an experienced yogi to pursue more difficult asanas, both with equal confidence to advance at their own pace.


Nurture and Nourish your body and mind

July 26 - August 2 with Gabrielle Boswell

Explore the balance between ease and effort through gentle asana practice, guided relaxation and meditation with an emphasis on creativity and ease of flow between postures –  a moving meditation.


Yoga retreat

August 2- 9 with Adriana Cortazzo

The style of yoga is based in the Vinyasa Hatha discipline that birthed Iyengar,  and Ashtanga yoga. Expansive. Nurturing. Surprising. Not just a basic yoga class, this is about INSPIRATION to cultivating deep peace through active meditation.


Nia: Journey into Joy

August 23 - 30 with Sophie Marsh

Nia is a powerful life-enhancing practice that focuses on dance and free movement, and has been sweeping the world in popularity over the past few years.  Sophie Marsh is an extraordinary, passionate and inspiring teacher who leads her class with a blend of high energy, grace and compassion. She is a leading Na instructor, holding a Nia Black Belt and now one of 50 Nia Trainers worldwide – and the only Aussie Nia Trainer. Her week of of Nia is a magical journey into Joy.


Sadhanayoga 200 hr Teacher Training

4 - 27 September with Anita Sundaram

Participate in this 200hour training that will focus on living yoga on and off your mat. Spend time learn from our experienced facilitators and benefit from their years of experience and knowledge in the world of yoga and then use this knowledge to transform your experience in daily life.


Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification: Level 1 : 200 Hour

October 6 - November 1 with Madi Simmons

A  4-week Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification : Level 1 : 200 hours.

Internationally accredited with Yoga Alliance.

Drawing from the tradition of hatha based  Sivananda yoga, the teaching offers straight forward, medically sound yoga for mind, body and spirit.   The course is unique: family friendly – bring the whole family to Fiji for a month that will reshape your lives – thorough curriculum, world class teachers…and always seriously fun. The program will run from Monday – Fridays, leaving weekends free for students to apply the week’s lessons to some self-directed home practice, and to explore the local area, go snorkeling, swim in the pool or just relax.



Health and Wellness with Jack and Olive retreats

Nov 1 - Nov 8 with Claire Robbie and Luke Sniewski

Jack & Olive host health and wellness focused retreats in incredible parts of the world. They believe that creating a happier, healthier life begins with finding balance. Their retreats are fundamentally about helping our clients become aware of any areas in their lives that need more care and attention.


Iyengar: a deepening practice

Nov 29 - Dec 6 with Marina Jung

Students go further and learn deeper through Marina’s straightforward instructions, her mature and clear demonstrations of postures, and her strongly individual adjustments.