Yoga retreat

October 22 - 29 with Adriana Cortazzo

COURSE CONFIRMED.  The style of yoga is based in the Vinyasa Hatha discipline that birthed Iyengar,  and Ashtanga yoga. Expansive. Nurturing. Surprising. Not just a basic yoga class, this is about INSPIRATION to cultivating deep peace through active meditation.


New Year: New Horizons

Jan 11 - 18 with Pam Badman

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $300 discount if booked by September 30.

Pam’s wish is that as you twist, move and stretch your way through my week of yoga that you will leave with a new sense of strength and balance.  It will help see you through whatever life may present. We can’t always change the situation that we find ourselves in but we can change our reaction to the situation. The gift of an established yoga and easy to learn meditation practice is the key to leading a healthy existence within the complexities of life.


Pacific Yogaflow with a touch of pilates

May 27 - June 3 2017 with Deidre-Lee Allen

Pacific Yogaflow is a unique blend of yoga flow with a touch of pilates delivering strength, tone, flexibility and absolute relaxation.


Nurture and Nourish your body and mind

August 19 - 26 2017 with Gabrielle Boswell

Explore the balance between ease and effort through gentle asana practice, guided relaxation and meditation with an emphasis on creativity and ease of flow between postures –  a moving meditation.


Ashtanga Yoga

Aug 26 - Sept 2 2017 with Mark Robberds

Mark Robberds is an internationally known and respected teacher of Ashtanga yoga. He incorporates the philosophy of yoga into his talks, music and devotional songs, so that the deeper aspects of the yoga tradition can connect people and bring them closer together.