The Self: Yoga and self enquiry - clearing the mind and opening the heart

March 14 - 21 with Meera Anderson

Special March price from A$1100 Meera’s yoga path has encompassed several styles of yoga alongside a deep exploration of yoga philosophy. When yoga asks us to connect with the self, we need to understand what we mean by ‘self’. Meera will be using the time in this retreat to explore our understanding of the concept and how to be make changes.


Joyful Vinyasa Flow

April 4 - 11 with Jessica Jacobi


In a period of 6 days Jessica will guide you from the basics to a very dynamic flow suitable for absolute beginners and very advanced practitioners at the same time. Prepare yourself for a joyful, energizing, restorative and healing yoga flow.


A week of purifying through a 3 day fruit detox - and laughter!

May 9 - 16 2015 with Jani Burdett

Explore 6 days of pure food, yoga, kinesiology and detoxifying practices – and witness the unexpected benefits of a hilarious laughter session.

Included and Optional : 3 Day Detox


Pushing through: a practice of personal fulfilment

16 - 23 May with Vivienne Dias

Vivienne’s classes are demanding of your energy and your focus. She expects total commitment – but no more than the commitment she herself gives to her students, and no more than she instinctively judges each person to be capable of delivering. In return, she leads you to a new level in your practice and a deep and blissful awareness of what you can do when you put your mind to it.


A therapeutic ‘me time’ yoga retreat

30 May - 6 June with Juliet Clark

This therapeutic styled yoga retreat is presented as a mix of gentle and restorative yoga practices. Whether you go to regular yoga class, or would never go to a regular yoga class thinking you can’t do yoga because you are too tight, too big, too old or too whatever – you can always do therapeutic yoga. The sessions are designed for everyone, different body types, ages, and skill levels.


PureBalance Yogaflow with a touch of pilates

June 13 - 20 with Deidre-Lee Allen

Retreat confirmed to go ahead. PureBalance is a unique blend of yoga flow with a touch of pilates delivering strength, tone, flexibility and absolute relaxation.


Nurture and Nourish your body and mind

August 1 - 8 with Gabrielle Boswell

Explore the balance between ease and effort through gentle asana practice, guided relaxation and meditation with an emphasis on creativity and ease of flow between postures –  a moving meditation.


Backbone for a Better Life: Therapeutic yoga to nurture a resilient spine and body

Aug 24 - 30 with Liz Bennett

During this retreat, Liz will be working with you on a daily basis to explore your capabilities and develop confidence and understanding of your spine. She will modify the practice for people with injuries, and develop a take-home practice that you can do on your own.


Sadhanayoga 200 hr Teacher Training

3 - 26 September with Anita Sundaram

Participate in this 200hour training that will focus on living yoga on and off your mat. Spend time learn from our experienced facilitators and benefit from their years of experience and knowledge in the world of yoga and then use this knowledge to transform your experience in daily life.


Divine Bliss: Iyengar based retreat

September 26 - October 3 2015 with Jacqueline Brumley and Shimon Tchobutaru

Relax, rejuvenate and let your yoga practice break through the boundaries of city life.

Come and indulge in a Pacific Island Yoga retreat in Fiji and immerse yourself in Yoga and holistic living. This retreat is your time for rejuvenation, nurturing and reconnecting with your true self, for laughing and having fun with life! Create bliss by awakening your physical body through twice daily yoga practice; calm your mind with breath awareness and heal your soul with meditation.


Mindfulness Retreat

October 3 - 10 with Nik Welsh and Mark Baxter

Nik, along with her mindful mate Mark (mindfulness teacher, psychologist and air guitar enthusiast) are taking you on retreat! After having attended around 20 retreats between them, Nik & Mark have designed the kind of mindfulness retreat they have always dreamed of.


Yoga retreat

October 31 - November 7 with Adriana Cortazzo

The style of yoga is based in the Vinyasa Hatha discipline that birthed Iyengar,  and Ashtanga yoga. Expansive. Nurturing. Surprising. Not just a basic yoga class, this is about INSPIRATION to cultivating deep peace through active meditation.