Alofa Yoga

Jan 2 - 9 with Taialofa Petrini

“Alofa” is the Samoan word for love, and Taialofa’s practice asks the student to understand love through their daily practice – firstly love and acceptance for oneself, and then love for others and the environment in which we live.


Yin Yang Yoga

May 8 - 13 with Nicole Woodward and Rachael Storrie

Yin and yang are opposites but are essential to one another, complementing and balancing. In our modern western life we rarely think of life in these terms and often wait until we crash to add rest or become stagnant before we include growth. This retreat will introduce you to the pattern of including both qualities of yin and yang to your day to promote balance.


PureBalance Yogaflow with a touch of pilates

May 28 - June 4 with Deidre-Lee Allen

PureBalance is a unique blend of yoga flow with a touch of pilates delivering strength, tone, flexibility and absolute relaxation.


Dissolving into bliss: massage, pampering and partner yoga

June 11 - 18 with Jani Burdett

This retreat is a deep, nurturing exploration of your body and how to care for it in unexpected ways. During the week, Jani will be showing you how to massage your own body, and how to work with a partner (which just means someone else in the class) in the magical practice of partner yoga.


Iyengar Yoga

26 June - 3 July with Jyoteeka Cummings and Rosie Holland

Jyoteeka Cummings and Rosie Holland have been teaching Iyengar yoga for upwards of 30 years. During this retreat, they will be deepen your awareness of your body as they build on the lessons day by day. By the end of the week, you will have a new and different understanding and appreciation of what you can ask your body to do.


Tread lighter on the earth

July 16 - 23 with Liz Bennett

During this retreat, Liz will be working with you on a daily basis to explore your capabilities and develop confidence and understanding of your body. She will modify the practice for people with injuries, and develop a take-home practice that you can do on your own.


Yoga Corner : Lighting up corners of the mind and body

August 6 - 13 with Amy Leonard

Amy has the flexibility to cater to both experienced yogis and beginners. She loves the fire and dynamism of a challenging practice – but also values the benefits of a calm, restorative practice.


Nurturing the Tree of Life

August 13 - 19 with Anna Hamilton

The focus of this retreat is on the immense power of yoga to give a core stability and strength to life. There is within all of us an inner stillness and insight but finding it is often difficult. …..but once you have started to hear its voice, you can feel yourself open to new possibilities.


Yoga retreat

October 22 - 29 with Adriana Cortazzo

The style of yoga is based in the Vinyasa Hatha discipline that birthed Iyengar,  and Ashtanga yoga. Expansive. Nurturing. Surprising. Not just a basic yoga class, this is about INSPIRATION to cultivating deep peace through active meditation.